Thursday, 29 May 2014

GCSE Spanish Revision Resources

Whilst planning my last few Y11 Spanish lessons before their final exams, I stumbled across some incredible resources on TES. 

This one from Gianfranco Conti is a superb set of vocabulary revision worksheets (recommended by TES too!) which students could use either in class or at home. I haven't used this yet but plan to in the future.

I also found this Last Minute Revision PowerPoint, uploaded by bagglebird, really useful. 

These inspired me to make some of my own revision resources which could be used over the 2-3 years with my GCSE classes. I've made 5 PowerPoints - each go alongside the chapters in the AQA GCSE Revision Guide (General Vocabulary, Lifestyle, Leisure, Home and Environment, Work and Education). I plan to use these as starter activities with my classes. Here are a couple of examples:


I've uploaded all of these to TES so feel free to use them with your own classes.

I have also given my students these sheets which have links to vocabulary revision games on Memrise. They can also access these on their smart phones by scanning the QR Codes. All the vocabulary on there has been taken from the AQA Revision Guide as well.

Let me know if you use any of my resources and how you've found them. And a big thank you to Gianfranco Conti and bagglebird for sharing those fantastic resources and saving me a lot of time! 

Enjoy the rest of half term!