Thursday, 19 June 2014


Kahoot is one of my all-time favourite teaching websites and is a great plenary activity.

Kahoot is a free website which allows you to make your own quiz which the students can play using their own devices (smartphones, laptops, iPads can all be used).


 Once you have created and launched your quiz, some instructions will appear on the screen. Students are invited to visit where they are asked to input the pin number and their nickname. Be careful with this one as the student names appear on the main screen, and I’ve had a couple of inappropriate ones in the past! This shouldn’t be a problem though as I received this email from Kahoot not so long ago…

‘Following on from last week's rich text editor release, we have a new update for you - you can now instantly "kick" inappropriate nicknames from the 'lobby' screen.’

As soon as all of the students have joined the game (their names will have appeared on the screen) you can click Play. It will then display the questions on the screen, as well as 4 possible answers which are colour-coded and have a symbol. The students will be able to see the colours and symbols on their device and are asked to select the correct one. Kahoot allows you to set time limits for each question and students can get more points the quicker they answer. After each question, the number of students who have chosen each option is displayed on the teacher's screen, along with the correct answer and a leader board of scores so far. 
Here are a couple of tutorials which might explain it a bit better:

YouTube Tutorial

And another blog by Miss McLachlan which you may find useful:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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