Wednesday, 15 January 2014


I took this activity from Elvisrunner MFL so thanks to them for sharing such a great idea!

It's another way of getting students to really focus on the text when you or a student are reading it out loud. They are given a list of actions which correspond to certain things within the text and they have to do the action when you get to that part of the text.

Here is an example which I used with Year 9 Spanish today - they came up with the actions themselves and it worked really well. My Head of Spanish came in to the lesson and also took part in the activity...I think he enjoyed it more than the kids did!
I read the text first just so they had the pronunciation, then I chose a few students to read a paragraph each. I then wrote up any words which they weren't pronouncing correctly and we spent a few minutes practising them as a class. 

Obviously you could try different actions or even get them to do actions for nouns, verbs, school subjects, colours etc.

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