Sunday, 12 January 2014

Draw It

Here is yet another brilliant idea which I, unfortunately, can’t claim credit for. A fellow colleague told me about this and it has worked particularly well with Y9 and 10 so far, but it can be used with all years. You read out a text to your students and, instead of them answering questions or writing what they hear, they just draw a picture of it. As they aren’t restricted to answering certain questions, students usually feel quite positive about the activity and it allows them to be quite creative.

Here is an example from a Year 8 student for the Daily Routine topic:

Once they've done this I usually get them to feedback what they heard. This could be done in the target language or just in English, depending on the ability. To make it even more of a challenge you could get them to feedback using third person or using the past tense.

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