Monday, 6 January 2014

What's next?

Here is a fantastic idea that I stole from my PGCE mentor, John Slade, on my second placement back up North. It's a great way of getting the students to practise their reading and listening skills, as well as their  pronunciation. I used this game today with my Y7s and they absolutely loved it. It’s so simple to do and, once you have your text, barely requires any preparation. 

Simply read the text out loud stopping at certain points and students have to say the next word. It means that they actually have to focus and read through the text and can't just switch off.


Example 1 - Say the next word
Teacher: "Je m'appelle Amelie. J'ai"
Students: "douze"

Example 2 - Say the next syllable
Teacher: "Je m'app"
Students: "elle"

Example 3 - Guess the pattern and say the next word
Teacher: "" (miss a word)
Students: "J'adore"

  • A student could then do the reading once you've initially modelled the pronunciation.
  • Students could do this in pairs or in groups.
  • You could also choose students at random to say the next word/syllable

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